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How to nourish your creativity.....easily.

Feeling a little creatively flat? Ooh....we all do sometimes.

This little exercise nourishes me, fills my creative cup and as an added benefit, gives me lots of social media content to pull on for ages!

It's called a snappy...."One subject - all the lenses - all the light".

The benefit of doing regular photography exercises like this is that it helps you to develop your creative muscles so that when you are shooting something 'significant', you start pulling on all of the creative techniques that you have practiced during your 'dress rehearsal'!

I would love to see what you create, you can use the hashtag #findanewview so that I can find your creations on Instagram!

Step 1: find a subject. A person 'works' but you need time to feel free and inspired and sometimes you can be put off by the impatience of others. I find that flowers are great for this and I will regularly add some flowers into my weekly online shop so that I have them to hand for doing this exercise.