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Photo Tips: Back To School

It's the weekend before the chaos of 'back to school'.....the calm before the storm. With full-time 'in school' schooling looking a little uncertain at the moment, the academic year 2020-2021 is one that I am sure our children will remember for along time!

With that in mind, it's a great opportunity to share some 'back to school' photo tips with you so that you can capture your child / children's return to school on camera for our memory books.

1) Aim for some classic AND alternative portraits

Of course a 'classic portrait' is what we are all aiming to capture. The perfect back to school portrait that we can share with family and friends, or print and frame on our walls. Our children may of missed the classic in-school portrait session during the 2019-2020 year so this is your chance to capture it for yourself.

BUT - please don't forget the alternative portraits. The details, the environment, their new shiny shoes, their bag, their hair. The car journey, the walk to school, pictures with their masks on, the first week of school pick ups when they are so tired they can no longer walk to the car. All of these are images and moment worth capturing....and its your job to do this!

2) Staying calm A super stressed mama with a camera is not a fun one. If your school year does not begin the way you hoped....take a breath. On a positive note you have more time / less rush to get these 'first day back' photos done!

If you are heading to school, leave extra time for morning photos. Your children will be full of adrenaline and so will you....keep it light and easy. And if you don't nail the pictures on the first day - aim for later in the week. It's a fact that the first day is quite stressful, so if it's not happening, leave it. Pick your moment. Or....have a dress rehearsal the day before. When the sunset light in your garden is just perfect!

3) Consider your camera Smart phone vs DSLR? If you are planning on printing your images and putting them on your wall, go with the DSLR.