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100 Days of Summer 2020

100 Days of Summer 2020....comes to an end today and I'm not sure whether to cry or cheer!

If you have ever completed a full-100-days-straight-photo-challenge you will know how I am feeling today.

You start it with gusto and enthusiasm Falter at around day 18 Make it to 30 and wonder how on earth you are going to keep this up all summer

Run out of ideas at least 15 times Take deep breaths and attempt to see things differently Get a change of scene which re-invigorates you

Hit the 50 mark and feel enthused again Lose complete motivation on day 59 Stalk there anything on here I can try?

Plod on....and plod on Borrow someones children Buy some flowers... yessss to new subjects!

Experiment with blur, slow shutters, double exposures, high ISO's, prisms, the tripod, the self timer, water, flowers again, other peoples kids, throw scarves in the air once or twice, string (came in handy one day), your pets, glow sticks, sunsets, food, trampolines, puddles and the rest

Suddenly hit 90 days Attempt to motivate everyone else doing the same Panic you only have 10 more days of this

And before you know it, you're at day 100. Done.

Celebrating with a good old video montage! If you have 2.45 minutes to kill....join me on my personal summer themed joyboat!

Natalie x

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