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Fused:  guide to double exposures


Keen to learn double exposures super fast? Then Fused, my self paced workshop is perfect for you.

Through my guide, I'll teach you everything you need to think about when shooting double exposures so that you feel confident to experiment and create beautiful doubles in camera and in Photoshop.  As you may know my work shifts from portraits to landscapes to florals to photos of the moon (and everything in between!) and double exposures are my happy place that keep me WANTING to pick up my camera daily.

The workshop is suitable for photographers who are new to double exposures or who are already creating doubles, as my focus as a teacher is less on the technical side and more on the 'soft skills' (identifying the concept, using light, pinpointing your intention etc).

The price for Fused: the workshop + guide is 200 dhs (44 GBP / US $55).  


what's included?

In the guide I will cover....

- my secret ingredients: elements of great double exposures

- breaking down double exposures into layers and why they work

- where to start with double exposures

- in camera techniques and things to think about 

- Photoshop techniques, with 2 bonus editing videos!

- the top 3 things I think about when creating doubles

- overlays: how to create your own and useful online resources

- how to push yourself creatively with your doubles

- how to extend doubles into your client work


What else do I get?

When you purchase the guide I'll send you it manually via email (I've not yet figured how to automate this!) within a few hours depending on our time zones!


The Fused: guide contains everything I know and have learnt about double exposures.  What works, what doesn't.  The top three things I think about when creating doubles (top secret!).  How to quickly make a start with doubles TODAY.  Some creative (amazing) exercises to push your creative mind when shooting landscapes, portraits, architecture, flowers, name it!  Two behind the scenes editing videos so you can see my process.  Suggestions for immediate photo projects to kickstart your doubles journey.  Ideas of how you can start injecting your client work with double exposures.  

You also get access to a Facebook group so you can ask questions and share your work PLUS an invitation to join my 'Fused 52' project on Instagram.


kind words

"I used to feel overwhelmed when it came time to really dig in and learn double exposures!  'Fused' removed all of that overwhelm for me!  I loved how Natalie breaks down the process from A to Z with no fluff (amen!).  The assignments made me push myself to put what I learned into action.  Would recommend this course without hesitation!" - Linsey Davis

"A thoroughly inspiring course which I heartily recommend.  Among many other things, Natalie suggests we consider recreating the joy of the moment, while also thinking about lines, and sprinkling a little magic - what's not to love?  There are many helpful tips and videos and exercises that made me think and will improve your photography in general.  And if it's double exposures that you'd like to dive deep into, Fused is the course for you." - Clare Gadsby

"Without question, Natalie is the Queen of double exposures and she has poured her heart into this guide - revealing all of her magic. There is something here for everyone - from the absolute beginner to those of us who have been playing with DE’s for a while. Her teaching style is warm, open and honest and the accompanying videos are a joy to watch. All too often I buy mini-courses and they languish unread on my external HD. This course I devoured on the day it arrived and am now on my second reading. I feel as if I have finally discovered the secret to depth, feeling, magic and motion in my work. I can now ‘complete’ all those images which felt as if something was missing. Thank you for sharing your incredible talent, Natalie. This is the first course in a long while, which has made me buzz with excitement." - Kate Ainger

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