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55 gift ideas for the photography lover

With Christmas just around the corner, I thought it might be useful to offer you some gift ideas for the photography lover in your life, without necessarily having to buy new camera bodies or lenses....what a win!

I've got ideas for every type of photographer, at every age and at every level of experience! Plus discount codes galore, keep an eye out for those.

For the family photographer

For the experienced family photographer, Superfeel prompts would make the most perfect Christmas gift! Superfeel is an approach to family, couple and portrait photography that helps generate create genuine connection in those that are being photographed. Choose from the Superfeel online course or the downloadable photography feel guides; and take 20% off your order using the code NATALIEROBINSON20.

For photographers who would love to move into family photography and are in the UAE, grab your spot at my 'Business of Family Photography' workshop in January 2022. Alongside Lianne Dawes, we will guide you through everything you need to know about starting your own family photography business. You can use the code 'wintergifts' for a 15% discount.

For photographers at any level, consider booking them into a portfolio review with Lianne and me. Over the course of 45 minutes we go through a pre-submitted portfolio of 20 images, looking for themes in your work and pulling out strengths and areas for development to help accelerate your photography work over the next few months. Get in touch with me to find out more about portfolio review vouchers.

For the memory keeper

Head over to the Illuminate Classes website and check out 'The Family Historian' by Heather Robinson. I did this course myself a few years ago and the lessons and concepts behind it have stayed with me until this day! For the memory keeper in your family, it is a great way to start their 2022 intentions.

All memory keepers are great at organising and printing photos, but if you are short on time then ask my friend Clare to do it for you! She runs 'Bound in a Book' and takes great delight in creating memory books for her clients. Even better - she does gift vouchers which would make a perfect Christmas gift.

Also spotted recently, you can now create your own family photo calendars with Cherrypix. Head to the website and sign up to the newsletter for a 10% discount on beautiful photo prints, canvases and photobooks.

Typically the memory keeper is the one finding themselves behind the camera, so maybe it's time to surprise your loved one with a photography gift voucher. Most family photographers will offer this - if you would like more info from me then I would be happy to send you some details and we can pencil in a date. Use the code 'news' for 15% off my vouchers.

For the film lover

Gulf Photo Plus are the region's leading photography educator AND they run an introduction to shooting and developing film workshop. Even better, you can use the code 'wintergifts' to secure 15% off all workshops and photowalks.

B+H Photo, based in the USA, are my go-to place for purchasing film and has super-fast delivery! My latest purchases included 'Psychedelic Blues' film which I purchased through B+H and is a really quirky film stock if your photography lover wants something different to experiment with. If you're running short on time, head to Gulf Photo Plus in Alserkal Avenue directly to purchase film from them. You can see what they have in stock on their website.

Looking for a specific film camera or lens? My two go-to UAE based camera equipment companies are UAE Vintage Photo and Analog the Room, both who I have bought equipment from locally within the last 12 months and they are both super helpful!

Finally, my friend Cami Turpin from Bluehill Images has created a wonderful guide, 'Fast Film: Expose the Creative Power of Instant Film' and is a steal at just US $35.

For the art appreciator

If art prints of the UAE might be on your radar then definitely take a look at these small businesses run by my photographer friends. Alex of Zoom and Bloom can often be found at Villa Margo and Marina Souq, as can Celine and Akemi of Tales of Dubai (who also have a website where you can order directly online). Finally, I couldn't miss an opportunity to mention by good friend Katarina Premfors who sells her UAE prints through MMG art gallery.

Fancy printing your photography lovers images yourself? Then head to Draft Frames online, where you can uplo