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Frequently asked questions

How much is a shoot and how many images will I get?

My approach to pricing is a little different to many other photographers, so its worth thinking about what you want your end product from a shoot to be. First of all, I believe that when you're using a photographer; you're using them for their time, creative vision and experience, rather than just delivering a specific number of images. I am there to capture all of the moments that happen during the session, not just a 'top 10' or 'top 25'. So, that basically means I don't have an upper 'limit' on the images I edit and send afterwards. I find that this approach works well with my clients; and that my clients trust me to choose the 'best' images from a session (to give you an idea, its normally around 75 images but quite often more than that). So, you need to be ready and willing to put your trust in me completely. If our outlooks match; then we are the perfect fit for working together. If you need to see some examples of what an outcome of a shoot looks like in reality, I would be happy to send you some real-life examples. My pregnancy, Fresh 48, newborn and family shoots are 2550 dhs for weekends and public holidays. I offer 15% off for weekday shoots. Please note that I do frequently have 'book in advance' offers so it's always worth enquiring. If you would like to work with me for more than one shoot, I offer packages for pregnancy, Fresh 48 and home newborn sessions - please get in touch with me for more details if you're interested in multiple shoots.

What happens before, at and after a shoot?

Around 2 weeks before our shoot, I will send you my pre-shoot questionnaire via email. I’m starting to get you in the mood for your shoot and will ask questions like what we are ‘celebrating’ (life, babies, your family, something specific!), and what moments you would love to capture. I would also like you to start thinking about what you want to hold in your hands after the shoot – prints, a photobook, framed images, canvases - for you, your children and your extended family. Its important that you start thinking about this ahead of time, so I can help shape your ideas and bring them to life on your walls and in your hands. I then follow that up with a call to chat to you; so that we are on the same page with everything and aren’t such ‘strangers’ when we meet. It's important that we start building a relationship together from the start. I hope I have answered your questions about what happens at a shoot in the 'My Style' page. If not - feel free to drop me a line! After our shoot, I will send you some sneak peeks to view on my Client Gallery page within three working days. This will be a beautiful slideshow with music; a taster of your session and help you to get a sense of what we captured during our time together. Then within 14 working days of your shoot, I would update your slideshow with all of the best images in both colour and black and white. Every image will be available to download via your personal PhotoCart. So you and your wider family will all have instant access. A week after you’ve received your images, we would arrange to meet up to discuss prints and products in person, so that we can get those beautiful images up onto your walls!

Where and when do you do your shoots?

For home newborn sessions, I can make any time of the day work but my preference is a weekday morning. I’m free for mid-week shoots every morning from 8.30am (apart from days when I am teaching for The Photo Club. For family shoots on ‘location’; I would discuss this with you in advance so that we can plan the best location and time to suit you. I realise that you and your partner may both be working; so I do shoot on Friday and Saturdays. But just to warn you, these get booked up very quickly! Black Palace Beach (for a view of the Burj Al Arab), the desert, a park, Souk Al Bahar, Souk Al Manzil (for Burj Khalifa views), the Bastakiya and Al Seef are some of my popular locations. Or your home and garden of course! This year I have also launched The Adventure Sessions which are premium photoshoots in Old Dubai. As for timing, for a beach or desert shoot the best time is around sunrise (anywhere from 5.30am depending on the time of the year). The desert is also beautiful at sunset (from 4.30pm depending on the time of the year). The beach is tricky at sunset because of the number of people in the background, especially at weekends; so if you are keen on a beach shoot then my preference is to meet at sunrise. For a park, the Bastakiya, Al Seef or Old Dubai, I would recommend an 8-8.30am start as its more shaded. Exact timings really depend on what would work best for your family; and the location.

I'm pregnant and I have no idea when is the best time to schedule in a shoot.

Ok; so in my opinion the ultimate time for a pregnancy shoot is around 34-35 weeks. That’s the time when your bump is lovely and round; yet you still have a good amount of energy and feel comfortable. And for a newborn shoot. Being a ‘lifestyle’ photographer means that the exact age of your babe is less important than if you were having a ‘posed’ baby shoot. I’ve done newborn shoots for babies 4 days old; to six weeks old; and still considered them ‘newborn’. My preference is to have an awake and alert babe, rather than a sleepy one…we can get a lot more interaction, facial expressions, cooing and ‘ah’ moments with an awake baby than a sleeping one.

What shall I wear?

Well, this is entirely up to you and it’s hard for me to advise without knowing what style and colours suit you best. However I do have a few thoughts; - ‘all white’ or ‘all black’ can really wash you out on camera, depending on your skin tones - and black picks up every fleck of dust or sand. - If you’re a jeans gal, stick to jeans. If you love floaty beach dresses, stick to a floaty beach dress. - If you don’t feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, that will show through on camera, so choose something that you feel good in. - I always advise my female clients to dress themselves first – then coordinate husband and children around you! - Dress for the location…beach and desert are generally a more relaxed vibe than home; Bastakiya, Souk Al Bahar, the Madinat etc. - Blues, greens and turquoises always work beautifully on the beach. Then again, so does a bright flash of red! You will see a lot of families in my images wearing different shades of blue...I didn't tell them to wear blue! For me, the brighter and more varied, the better! - There is LOTS of outfit inspiration on Pinterest if you’re still struggling. Head to my Pinterest board as a starting point.

What are your payment terms?

If you would like to book a shoot, then I ask for a deposit of 800 dhs to be paid in advance. This 800 dhs secures your spot and the date in my diary. Normally a bank transfer is easiest; however if that is tricky then we can arrange to meet up somewhere at a time convenient to us both. Your deposit goes against the final total, with the remainder to pay on the day of the shoot. The balance of the shoot can be paid on the day. Please understand that I will not send any sneak peeks or full galleries until I have received the full balance of payment. If we needed to shift the date of the shoot for any reason, then that 800 dhs deposit still stands and we can reschedule based on my availability (i.e. you won't lose any money - with 3 kids of my own I'm realistic about last minute illnesses etc cropping up unexpectedly!).

How can I order prints and products from you?

Very simply. Once you receive your email from me with details of how to download your final images, I will send you a price list for my prints and photobooks. I can order prints for delivery anywhere in the world; I have a local printer here in the UAE and can print on your behalf in the USA and UK for delivery. So you have lots of options. For UAE based orders I’ll deliver your prints to you within 10 working days.

I would love to gift a photoshoot to a friend.  Do you do vouchers?

A photo session…the best kind of gift! You’re my kind of person. I have voucher cards available for you to send to your friend. Once you have gifted your voucher, its best if I start the line of communication with the receiver directly, so that we can both be on the same page. For any additional questions and to book a session with me, please get in touch via my contact page.