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5 ways to learn photography with me

Interested in photography but not sure where to start?

Keen on learning new creative skills and pushing your creative boundaries?

Dream of being a family photographer and need someone on your team?

My background (pre-photography) is in learning and development, which means that I am in a unique position to be able to support you at a truly personal level.

Here are five ways that you can learn photography with me.

1) Photowalk with me

The photowalk season is just around the corner and dates for the cooler season are about to go live on the Gulf Photo Plus website very soon!

Photowalks are a perfect way to stretch your photography techniques; a good excuse to pick up your camera again; and a great way to meet like-minded new friends. On the photowalks that I run, I love to set participants 'things to focus on' as we explore different areas, e.g. the edge of the light, colour, atmosphere, tranquillity, energy! Often people can feel a little overwhelmed on photowalks so this helps to give some structure to the time we have together.

You can sign up to GPP's newsletter to be one of the first to know about what is on offer; or you can follow along on their Instagram.

2) Portfolio reviews

My colleague Lianne Dawes and I are so excited to be launching portfolio reviews aimed at lifestyle or portrait photographers!

In the past I have had my portfolio reviewed a number of times by other photographers when I:

  • was just shooting the same way over and over again

  • needed some guidance on a specific element of my work

  • was desperate to move to the next level but didn't quite know what was missing

  • just needed to take a step back and gain some clarity

  • was at a crossroads not quite knowing which path to pursue next

  • was questioning myself repetitively, 'am I good-enough-ing'

You can find more details here but in a nutshell: give us 45 mins of your time and we will give you an action plan to move forward with your photography work. The sessions are on Tuesday 14th September.

The best bits! Its ONLY 175 dhs, totally affordable! AND you can come and see us in-person OR we can connect via Zoom. So, we are not limited by borders or locations!

Places are limited and the next time we offer this will be in January 2022.

3) The Business of Family Photography

After our massively successful first family photography workshop back in March, we are thrilled to be running this in-person workshop again on Saturday September 18th.

The Business Of Family Photography is THE workshop we wish had been available when we started out in family photography more than 10 years ago. Imagine being able to fast-track your knowledge and build your confidence in family photography over the course of just one day.

Our comprehensive workshop takes you through our entire business cycle, including:

  • Attracting clients

  • Pricing your shoots

  • Booking clients

  • Shooting clients

  • Editing and delivering images

  • Maintaining clients

We have two behind-the-scenes shoots to share with you which helps you to understand how a professional shoot is run, our approach, how we build rapport with clients quickly and how we create an experience for our clients that choose us as photographers.

We feel it’s very important that the standard of photography in this region remains high and so we happily share all of our knowledge to propel you into a place where you can confidently market yourself alongside other photographers.

After the workshop we add you to our Facebook and Instagram communities and offer continued support and photo challenges – we are there rooting for you and cheering you on behind the scenes so that you feel supported and part of the family photography community here in the UAE.

You can read more about the workshop (including testimonials from previous attendees) or head straight over to Gulf Photo Plus to book your spot.

4) Fused: creative mentoring

Fused is my creative mentoring programme that takes you through everything you need to know about creating double exposures and launches on Sunday 26th September.