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A Lightmap of my Home

During the course of April and May's Covid-19 lockdown period in Dubai, I created a little project for myself of creating a lightmap of my home.

Inspired by the images and creations in Chloe Lodge and Cindy Cavanagh's 'For The Love of the Photograph' 52-week photo project, I actively sought out the light in my home. In the process of doing this I grew my understanding of light and how it falls, reflects, disperses and illuminates different areas of my home at different points of the day.

For anyone who has ever learnt photography with me, you will recall how much Lianne Dawes (photographer at Dinkyheart Photography and my other half of The Photo Club UAE) and I hound you about noticing light. If you haven't done this for a while, time to start mindfully 'noticing'.

And here she is, in video form! I really love this and hope you to do too.

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