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Your Summer Holiday Shot List

With just a couple of weeks to go until our children return to school (inshallah), I thought it would be helpful to put together a 'summer holiday shot list' for you so that you can give some time over the next few weeks to creating a memory bank of 'Summer 2020'.

I'm sure this is a summer that we all want to remember, in our own special way, right?

1) Lazy mornings

Capture them in their pyjamas - slow breakfasting - lazing - getting up late (or early, if you have early risers!). Take a documentary style approach rather than expecting your children to pose or do something specific for you. For instance my own children hate nothing more than for a camera to be pointed in their face; so go 'wide' with your photos so that you can incorporate your home into your image as well as them.

2) Water play

The hose, water guns, water table, paddling pools.....yes the water in the UAE is super hot in the afternoons so get outside with your camera in the morning and capture the water + morning light! Lean into the harsh sunlight, embrace the strong shadows and see if you can capture interesting angles of your children whilst they play. If you're worried about your camera getting wet from the spray, wrap it in a towel with the lens popping through.

Or, if your budget allows then invest in a Go Pro and waterproof case as one of your 'summer holiday essentials' and experiment with underwater photography. I can guarantee that will keep you occupied every time you set foot into a swimming pool this summer!